The Advanced Manufacturing Pilot Facility (AMPF) is a 20,000 square foot reconfigurable research and development high bay manufacturing facility in Midtown Atlanta supporting industrial, academic, and government stakeholders that also serves as a teaching laboratory. AMPF is a resource and key partner for SBIR/STTR development. Recently, Georgia Tech and the AMPF facility are supporting a statewide initiative that combines artificial intelligence and manufacturing innovations with transformational workforce and outreach programs.

As a flagship component of the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute (GTMI), AMPF is ­a special place where industry works alongside researchers and students to take early-stage concepts from idea to reality.

Made possible by a $3 million gift from the Delta Air Lines Foundation, this facility was intentionally designed as a flexible space that can house future manufacturing innovation projects of almost all shapes, from additive/hybrid manufacturing to composites, digital manufacturing/Industry 4.0, and industrial robotics. Similarly, the industry applications of these innovations are nearly endless; our industry partners range from aerospace and automotive companies to materials manufacturing companies. With each new project and innovation, AMPF is where the factory of the future is being envisioned and created.

Georgia Tech researchers are amplifying the AMPF mission, through development of industry technology roadmaps; collaborative research and demonstration projects; consortia projects; proof of concept initiatives; co-training with industry personnel on advanced manufacturing technologies and software; hosting symposia, workshops and roundtables; delivering presentations and papers, and participating in trade organizations, and development of new industry standards.

Introduction to AMPF

At the AMPF, faculty, students and industry partners work with emerging technologies in a seamless fashion. The facility itself is designed to be flexible with the ability to evolve as new technologies become available. This facility will play a pivotal role in a challenge of critical national importance known as the valley of death, or the missing middle: drastically reducing the time, cost and risk to move from basic research to realizing new products or services in the market.

Join the Georgia Tech Manufacturing 4.0 Consortium

By leveraging the latest in manufacturing developments and technologies, consortium members have unique opportunities to compete more effectively to become global leaders. The Georgia Tech Manufacturing 4.0 Consortium is a membership-based consortium with the main benefit being a week of time at the Advanced Manufacturing Pilot Facility (AMPF). Joining the consortium is the mechanism to formalize and document industry participation at the AMPF.

Technical College System of Georgia visits

The Technical College System of Georgia visits the advanced manufacturing pilot facility (AMPF).


The Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute (GTMI) hosted an open house to celebrate the launch of the Georgia Tech Manufacturing 4.0 Consortium.